BEAT THE LINES! Don’t forget to buy your admission and photo op tickets in advance of the event date.

Ticket price includes: Ticket is for one photo op with the actor(s) described. As part of the photo op one 8×10 color glossy photograph will be printed at the event. Ticket does not include admission to the event or and other services than those described (ex. autographs). Admission to the event must be purchased separately and will be required to participate in the photo op. You are responsible to pick up the photo from the tables adjacent to the photo booth.

On-line Ticket Purchase: All tickets purchased on-line must be picked up at the convention. Please allow time to do this prior to your photo shoot. Images of the ticket on digital devices (smart phones, digital pads) are not acceptable.

Photo Shoot Times: Photo shoot times will be posted as soon as they are finalized by the convention. These times however remain fluid up until the actual photo shoot. We cannot foresee all delays that may occur in a very live event that is a convention. Please check the photo shoot times on the day of the shoot and again later in the day. Also please be at the photo shoot 10-15 minutes before it is to begin. For photos that involve multiple actors the line situation is very dynamic as we try to start shooting photos as soon as the first actor arrives. Also, there is no implied duration for the photo shoot. The actor will only remain in the photo booth as long as there are people lined up to have their picture taken. Once the line is empty the actor leaves and are typically not available for another photo shoot that day.

Refunds for missed photo shoots: There are no refunds for photo ops if you miss/or are late to the shoot. Please be early or on time for the start of the photo sessions.

Photo delivery: We strive to have your photo to you as soon as you leave the photo booth, but due to unforeseen circumstances photos may be up to an hour or two after the shoot. Refunds will not be given because you do not have time to get your photo autographed.

Number of Adults in a Photo: Only 3 adults per photo. For most photos a 4th adult is an additional $10.00, and a 4th is an additional $10.00, availability of 3 or more adults is at the discretion of the photographer and the actor and their management. Any more than 4 adults in a photo will require authorization from the photographer on prices and availability. You can pay for the added people at our sales desk. This applies to MOST photo-ops but some may have restrictions on adding any additional people. Small children and infants can be included in with 2 adults at no additional charge.