2024 Celebrity Guests

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson has provided voice-over work for Disney/MarvelWarner Bros./DC Comics, and ViacomCBS‘s Nickelodeon unit.

Rosario had several roles in film and television adaptations of comic books. These include Gail in Sin City (2005) and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014), Claire Temple in five of the Marvel Netflix series (2015–2018), and providing the voices of Diana Prince / Wonder Woman in the DC Animated Movie Universeand Space Jam: A New Legacy and Barbara Gordon / Batgirl in The Lego Batman Movie. In 2020, she portrayed Ahsoka Tano in the second season of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, and stars in Disney+ original series Ahsoka. In 2021, she had a recurring role in the Dwayne Johnson autobiographical comedy series Young Rockand a main role in the Hulu miniseries Dopesick.

Pricing for Rosario Dawson

  • Standard Autograph: $125.00 – 8×10 photos (includes the 8×10) and (Comics) are not included by the event. 
  • Premium Autograph: $150.00 – All other items This is anything besides an 8×10 or Comic. 
  • Autograph Add-Ons: 
    • Personalization: Free 
    • Character Names: $25.00 
    • Quotes: $50.00 – 7 words or less. 

Antony Starr

Antony Starr is a New Zealand actor best known for his starring role as Homelander in Amazon Prime Video’s original series The Boys, which is based on the comic book series of the same name. In New Zealand, he is best known for his dual role as twins Jethro and Van West in Outrageous Fortune and Billy Newwood in Without a Paddle. He was the lead character, Lucas Hood, in the four-season run of Banshee.

Pricing for Antony Starr

  • Autograph: $80
  • Selfies: $80
  • Combo: $140
  • Photo-Op: $100

Karen Fukuhara

We’re thrilled to announce that the talented Karen Fukuhara will be joining us at 605 Pop Culture Con on July 20th and 21st in Sioux Falls, South Dakota! Best known for her incredible roles as “Kimiko” in the hit Amazon TV series “The Boys” and as the fierce Katana in James Gunn’s 2016 “Suicide Squad” movie, Karen Fukuhara will be bringing her star power to our event!

Pricing for Karen Fukuhara

  • Autograph: $50
  • Selfie: $50 
  • Combo: $85 
  • Photo-Op: $60

Lars Mikkelsen

“Today, victory is mine. Long live the Empire.”
– Grand Admiral Thrawn 

Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen has played many roles including Viktor Petrov in the Netflix series House of Cards, Troels Hartmann in The Killing, and Magnussen in the third series of BBC’s Sherlock. Other credits include Stregobor in The Witcher for Netflix, Daniel Duval in Devils and Johannes in Rides Upon The Storm, as well as numerous other Danish productions such as Borgen and, more recently, Forhøret.

He is recognized as the voice of Grand Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars: Rebels, and has most recently starred as the live-action version of Thrawn in Ahsoka for Disney+ which is part of the Star Wars franchise and a spin-off from the series The Mandalorian.

Pricing for Lars Mikkelsen

  • Memorabilia & 8x10s – $80
  • Photo-Ops – $110 
  • Quotes – $25

Eman Esfandi

He’s escaping Peridea and coming to Sioux Falls! Eman is best known for his work as the live action version of Ezra Bridger. He is also known for King Richard, 120 and the Inspection. 

Pricing for Eman Esfandi

  • Any item – $60
  • Photo-Ops – $80

Timothy Zahn

Timothy Zahn was born in Chicago in 1951 and grew up in the western suburb of
Lombard. He attended Michigan State University, earning a B.S. degree in physics in 1973, and moved on to the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. He earned a M.S. degree there, also in physics, in 1975, and continued work toward a doctorate. Also in 1975, he began a new hobby: writing science fiction. At first a strictly spare-time avocation, over the next three years he gradually gave more time to it until he sold his first story in December 1978 (“Ernie,” Analog, September 1979). In 1980 he left grad school and began writing full time. 

Since then he has published sixty-five novels, over a hundred short stories and
novelettes, and five collections of short fiction. Best known for his sixteen Star Wars novels, he is also the author of the Quadrail series, the Cobra series, the Conquerors trilogy, the Sibyl’s War trilogy, and the young-adult Dragonback series.

You can contact him at Facebook.com/TimothyZahn.

Diana Lee Inosanto

Diana Lee Inosanto is an actress and martial artist who portrayed Morgan Elsbeth in the 2020 second season of The Mandalorian and the 2023 first season of Ahsoka television series. Diana will also reprise the character in the 2024 animation television series Star Wars: Tales of the Empire with a release date of May 4th, 2024! 
Her father is martial arts expert Dan Inosanto and her uncle and godfather was the legendary Hong Kong–American martial artist and actor Bruce Lee, and both of them passed down their arts and philosophies.

Pricing for Diana Lee Inosanto

  • Autograph – $60
  • Photo ops – $70

Tina Ivlev

Tina Ivlev is an American actress best known for her role as Nightsister Merrin in the hit action-adventure video games “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order” and “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.” Ivlev played Nightsister Merrin, the last surviving Nightsister on Dathomir, providing her likeness as well as full performance-capture and voice-acting work for the role in both games.

Pricing for Tina Ivlev

  • 8×10 items – $45
  • Premium items – $60
  • Photo ops – $60

Elizabeth Ann Grullón

Elizabeth Ann Grullón is an American actress, voice over artist, writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. She was born in Queens, NY to Dominican parents, making her a bilingual, first-generation American. She has been obsessed with films and actors for as long as she can remember.

Elizabeth studied acting under the great Ken Washington at the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater B.F.A. Actor Training Program. She was a stand out throughout her time in school and began working professionally on The Guthrie Theater stage while still a sophomore in college. At school, Elizabeth was trained by some of the greats, including John Barton and Patsy Rodenburg. After school she continued to work on stage at the prestigious Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, The Acting Company, Off Broadway and The Guthrie Theater, among others.

In 2011, Elizabeth moved to Hollywood to begin her career in film and television. She has since starred in series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Lucifer, Scandal, and The Rookie, Party of Five and Mayans: MC, amongst others. She has become a star in the motion capture world with unmissable performances in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (making her an official member of the Star Wars Cannon, complete with her own action figure) as well as Marvel’s Midnight Suns and Need For Speed.  Elizabeth’s was the voice behind Camila Noceda in the cult favorite The Owl House on Disney Animation, as well as the official voice of Beyonce’s Formation World Tour.

Pricing for Elizabeth Ann Grullón

  • 8×10 items – $55
  • Funko or Statues: $65 quotes included 6 words or less
  • Photo ops – $60

Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood has been bringing digital technology to the forefront of filmmaking for over 25 years. As a film and journalism major in college, Matthew realized the potential for blending his creative studies with his lifelong passion for computers, and this innovative edge singled him out. He was invited to join Lucasfilm as a part of the Sound Droid development team at age 17 in 1990. 
Wood lent his acting talents to the roles of Bib Fortuna and Ody Mandrell in The Phantom Menace and the voices of Magaloof and Seboca in Attack of the Clones. Revenge of the Sith would allow Matthew to expand his acting in the prequels one giant step further, landing the role of the voice of General Grievous for Revenge of the Sith. 
Starting in 2006, Matthew started working on the Emmy award winning Star Wars: The Clone Wars, reprising his role as the voice of General Grievous and behind the scenes as Supervising Sound Editor. He picked up new voices roles as all the battle droids, Wat Tambor and Poggle the Lessor.

Pricing for Matthew Wood

  • Autograph – $65
  • Selfies – $65
  • Audio Recording – $80
  • Auto/Selfie Combo – $100

George Takei

George Takei is known around the world for his role in the acclaimed original TV series Star Trek, in which he played Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the starship Enterprise. Takei’s acting credits include co-starring in six Star Trek movies and appearances on such TV series as Fresh Off the Boat, Supah Ninjas, Hawaii Five-0, The New Normal, The Big Bang Theory, Heroes, Psych, Will & Grace, Miami Vice, MacGyver, The Six Million Dollar Man, Mission: Impossible and The Twilight Zone, among numerous others.

Pricing for George Takei

  • $85 on any item
  • Photo-Ops – $110 

Harry Belden

Harry Belden was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and has been acting from a very young age. Growing up, he always knew he wanted to be an actor, and wasted no opportunity to perform. Pursuing his passion, he got his BFA in Acting from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and has been following his dreams ever since. A huge comic book nerd, Harry loves everything to do with superheroes, Star Wars, and of course, Rick and Morty! When he’s not acting, Harry can usually be found reading science-fiction, comic books, or watching movies with his Fiance while she plays on her phone. 

Pricing for Harry Belden

  • Autographs, quotes included – $55

Ian Cardoni

  • Born & raised just outside of Boston (go Sox)
  • Graduated Emerson College
  • In addition to being the voice of Rick Sanchez (S7-present), has recently been heard in Cookie Run: The Darkest Night, announcing the intro to Wrestlemania, and voicing campaigns for the Twilight Zone Marathons and Resident Alien on SyFy.
  • As a sketch comedian, co-created the viral online sensation “Batlexander Manilton” and been in countless skits both on-stage and on-camera appearing at the PIT, and on Disney+, Comedy Central, HBO, and MTV, having worked with Larry David, Kevin Bright, Tim Bagley, Dan Perrault, and more…

Pricing for Ian Cardoni

  • Autographs, quotes included – $55

Spencer Grammer

Spencer Grammer is best known for her roles as the voice of Summer Smith in the Adult Swim animated science-fiction series Rick and Morty and as Casey Cartwright in the ABC Family college comedy-drama series Greek.

Pricing for Spencer Grammer

  • Autographs, quotes included – $55

Grace Caroline Currey

Grace Caroline Currey is an American actress and dancer. She is best known for playing Mary Bromfield in the DC Extended Universe films Shazam! (2019) and its sequel Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023). She starred in The Conjuring Universe film Annabelle: Creation (2017) and the survival thriller film Fall (2022).

Pricing for Grace Caroline Currey

  • Any item – $50
  • Photo-Ops – $60

Devon Murray

“You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart. Their daring, nerve and chivalry, Set Gryffindors apart!” 

Get excited Harry Potter Fans for an extremely RARE US Appearance! Devon Murray was born in County Kildare, Ireland in October 1988. His parents Michael and Fidelma Murray sent him to the Billie Barry when he was six, and within two weeks he landed a Tesco television ad. Within six months he was in his first movie, acting alongside Aidan Quinn in This Is My Father (1998). He then joined the National Performing Arts School and made his breakthrough in Angela’s Ashes (1999). He also acted with Jane Seymour in Yesterday’s Children (2000). He now plays Seamus Finnigan (one of Harry’s Gryffindor House friends) in the much-hyped Harry Potter series! Devon has appeared in all (8) Films. Still a Proud Member of Dumbledore’s Army!

Paige O'Hara

Get Excited for our VERY FIRST AND SPECIAL GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Disney Royalty – Paige O’Hara! Paige O’Hara is an American actress, singer, and painter. O’Hara began her career as a Broadway actress in 1983 when she portrayed Ellie May Chipley in the musical Showboat. In 1991, she made her motion picture debut in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, in which she voiced the film’s heroine, Belle. Following the critical and commercial success of Beauty and the Beast, O’Hara reprised her role as Belle in the film’s two direct-to-video follow-ups, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (1997) and Belle’s Magical World (1998), and for a cameo appearance in Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)! Thank you Paige for helping us to give #kidsavoice! Tickets will go on sale soon! Keep an eye out on all our social media! Paige WILL be attending both days! 

Allen Oppenheimer

Alan Oppenheimer’s journey in the entertainment industry began in the 1950s, and by the 1970s, he transitioned into performing iconic voice acting roles that have cemented his status as one of the most prolific voice actors in the United States.  
Throughout his career, Oppenheimer has lent his voice to a diverse array of characters that have captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences across generations. Some of his most renowned roles include the menacing emperor Ming the Merciless in “The New Adventures of Flash Gordon” (1979-1982), the tyrant Overlord and the mind-controlling Vizier in “Blackstar” (1981), the lovable but vain Vanity Smurf in “The Smurfs” (1981-1989), and the iconic “Skeletor”, “Man-at-Arms” and many other favorite characters in “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” (1983-1985) and “Beachcomber” from “The Transformers” (1984-1987). 
From villains to heroes, wizards to androids, 
Alan Oppenheimer’s incredible vocal range and talent have brought these characters to life in a way that has resonated with fans worldwide. 
Come meet the legend on JULY 20th ONLY!!! 

Pricing for Alan Oppenheimer

  • Pricing – 80$
  • Quotes – 25$ (6 words or less)
  • Photo-Ops- 60$ 

Steven John Ward

Steven John Ward is a South African actor best known for his role as Mihawk in the Netflix live action adaption of One Piece – the best-selling manga series in history. Meet the man with the Black Blade in Sioux Falls, SD!

Pricing for Steven John Ward

  • Pricing – $50
  • Photo-Ops- $50

T.C. Carson

T.C. Carson is an american actor, best known for portraying Kyle Barker on the FOX sitcom Living Single, and as the first actor to portray Kratos in the God of War video game series, playing the role from 2005 to 2013. T.C. has also been the voice of Mace Windu in various Star Wars media.

Pricing for T.C. Carson

  • Autographs – $55
  • Photo-Ops – $60 

Roger Craig Smith

It may sound cliché, but recovered stand-up comic and prolific voice actor Roger Craig Smith is, quite literally, a man of a thousand voices. He has narrated over 1,000 TV episodes for countless productions and has voiced thousands of retail TV/radio/online ads for some of the largest global brands in existence. He is trusted by nearly every studio, network, streaming service, broadcaster and game developer today with bringing to life the most iconic characters in entertainment. In just one animated series alone; Emmy award-winning Cartoon Network’s Regular Show, Roger voices over 170 characters. He has amassed a staggering list of credits over the course of his illustrious career. 
Rogers most notable roles include : Sonic The Hedgehog, Ezio Auditore from The Assasins Creed series, Chris Redfield from Resident Evil, Mirage from Apex Legends and 714 more!!! 

Pricing for Roger Craig Smith

  • Autographs 8×10 – $50
  • Premium Autographs – $70
  • All autographs include Quote

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson has worked in voice over for over 20 years. His voice has been used in animation, audiobooks, commercials, video games, films, television and more. Marc has been featured on cartoons such as MTV’s “DARIA”, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Casey Jones. Yu-gui-oh as Chazz Princeton and Duke Devlin! A plethora of Pokemon favorites such as Ash’s Gengar, Legendary Pokemon such as Kyurem, Reshiram and Zekrom and so many more!! We couldn’t forget Transformers Cyberverse” as Megatron! 
Marc has narrated over 70 Star Wars audiobooks and including the entire Thrawn Audio Book Series, and has won an Earphones award, an Audie award, and a SOVAS award for some of those titles.

Pricing for Marc Thompson

  • Autographs 8×10 – $45
  • Premium Autographs – $65
  • Photo Ops – $50

Patricia Summersett

“Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.” – Princess Zelda

Patricia Summersett is known as the first official voice of Princess Zelda in Nintendo Video Games for: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Other top credits: Ash (Voice and Pcap) in Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six: Siege; Hope Jenson (Voice and Pcap) in Assassin’s Creed: Rogue; Galina Voronina (Voice and Pcap) in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

Pricing for Patricia Summersett

  • Autographs 8×10 – $45
  • Statues and Figures – $63
  • Selfies – $35

Ryan Potter

“We’ve gotta catch that guy. But first… you’re gonna need some upgrades.” – Hiro Hamada
Ryan Potter made his acting debut as the lead of the Nickelodeon action comedy series Supah Ninjas (2011–2013). As a voice actor, he voiced Hiro Hamada in the animated superhero film Big Hero 6 (2014), its television series sequel (2017–2021) and the Disney+ series Baymax! (2022). Ryan also portrayed fan favorite Beast Boy on the DC Universe / HBO Max superhero series Titans (2018–2023).

Pricing for Ryan Potter

  • Autographs – $55
  • Table Selfie – $55

Lawrence Julius Taylor

The greatest linebacker in the history of the NFL is tearing through the 605 to lay a MONSTER SACK on pediatric cancer!!

Lawrence Julius Taylor, nicknamed “L.T.”, is a former American outside linebacker who played in the NFL for 13 stellar seasons (1981-1993) with THE NEW YORK GIANTS! 

A first round draft pick in 1981 out of UNC, L.T. is widely regarded as one of the greatest defensive players of all time. Throughout his career, Taylor was a feared and immensely disruptive force at the linebacker position. He’s credited with literally changing both defensive and offensive game plans, formations, and schemes used in the NFL.

His amazing accolades include: 

  • 2× Super Bowl Champion (SB XXI and SB XXV)
  • NFL MVP (1986)
  • 3× NFL Defensive Player of the Year (1981, 1982, 1986)
  • NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year (1981)
  • 2× UPI NFC Player of the Year (1983, 1986)
  • 8× First-team All-Pro (1981–1986, 1988, 1989)
  • 2× Second-team All-Pro (1987, 1990)
  • 10× Pro Bowl (1981–1990)
  • NFL sacks leader (1986)

L.T. is also no stranger to acting, having notable roles in the films Any Given SundayThe WaterboyShaft, and In Hell; along with television appearances in The Sopranos and Dancing With The Stars

Come on out to THE 605 POP CULTURE CON on SATURDAY JULY 20th at The Sioux Falls Convention Center to meet the leader of THE BIG BLUE WRECKING CREW AND A TRUE NFL LEGEND….LAWRENCE TAYLOR! Help VAC blitz and destroy pediatric cancer by getting your tickets today!

Pricing for LT:

  • Autograph – Any Item – $140 – 350 ITEMS ONLY TO BE SOLD – Please Note! Autographs for L.T. CAN ONLY be bought via Pose Photo Ops. They cannot be purchased on site.
  • Photo-Op – $110
  • Inscriptions – $40 per inscription such as HOF99/ 3XDPOY*/ One Bad Mother F**** is $100
  • VIP package for $250
    • Which includes the autograph and photo-op
    • 1 Day admission
    • VIP badge – LT
    • LT Line Fast Pass
    • CAN ONLY be purchased via Pose Photo-Ops for this Autograph and Photo-ops.