As part of Caring Voices we have created Comfort Care Sacks which are meant to provide support by coming alongside children and their families early on in their diagnosis. These sacks provide some of the necessities families need during treatment and for traveling with temperature sensitive medications. Our hope is that these sacks can bring a smile to families’ faces knowing they have a community of others supporting them who have also been in the trenches of fighting for their child’s life. 

Voices Against Cancer was established in the Sioux Falls community and we have been able to get our Comfort Care Sacks into the hands of families as they are newly diagnosed within our community but we invite you to join us in any capacity that you can with your family, church community, team building event or a fundraising drive to help make these available to more families in your area. We can all make a difference in our communities and together we can make a much larger impact! 

Bekah Hauert, Mrs. South Dakota International, posting with a Cancer Care Pack.
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