St. Baldrick's Foundation

St. Baldricks LogoThe St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer and donor powered charity committed to supporting the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives. 

In the past 20 years, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation has been able to fund more than $325 million in grants worldwide, allowing the Foundation to fund more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government. 

Every grant goes through a rigorous scientific review process, ensuring every dollar has the greatest possible impact for children with cancer, especially considering that only 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget is applied to childhood cancer.

For many years, researchers struggled to give kids just a few months of life.  While many kids now survive, the search goes on for cures for many childhood cancers.  But even for kids who survive, the battle is not over.

A recent study shows that because of the treatments they have as kids, by the time they are 50, more then 99% of survivors have a chronic health problem and 96% have severe or life-threatening conditions. So, in addition to finding cures, a lot of research is focused on preventing the lifelong damage that results from surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapies give while young bodies and brains are developing. 

That is why St. Baldrick’s also funds research to improve supportive care for patients as well.

Childhood cancer doesn’t discriminate.  It affects kids from all walks of life, whether they are learning to walk or learning to drive, live in big cities or small towns, have brown eyes or blue eyes.  It doesn’t discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic status.  Kids with cancer deserve a lifetime and are the heart of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.