Voices Against Cancer is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that raises funds and awareness for pediatrics, pediatric cancer, and pediatric cancer research.  Children are our future, and the future is worth fighting for.

Almost 50 children are diagnosed with cancer EVERY day in the U.S., with survival rates differing for different types of childhood cancers – but overall, childhood cancer remains the most common cause of death by disease among children in the U.S.

Even though the most common types of childhood cancers are leukemias and brain/central nervous system cancers, there are more then 12 major types of childhood cancers and over 100 subtypes.  Sadly, current statistics show that 1 in 5 children diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. will not survive.

With only about 4% of all federal funding for cancer research going to projects involving children’s cancers, it is up to us to make a difference and to help #GiveKidsAVoice. Childhood cancer also impacts the entire family – the child going through treatment, the siblings who support and also need support as they are at risk for emotional and behavioral difficulties, and the parents who will sometimes lose up to 50% of their annual household income as a result of childhood cancer treatment-related work disruptions or having to quit their job to care for their child.

One of the major goals of childhood cancer research is to deal with side-effects of cancer treatment which can range widely from minor to severe, and they are dependent on a child’s specific treatments. Because kids are still growing and developing during cancer treatment, and these treatments are so harsh, many survivors face late-effects years or even decades after treatment is over. Better treatment, better protocols, and better options are needed today.

Majority of the funding that we use to support pediatrics, pediatric cancer, and pediatric cancer research comes from our Annual Voices Against Cancer Initiative. The major recipient from our Inaugural event in 2022 was the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. The Voices Against Cancer Initiative will include a host of AMAZING TALENT who have epically rallied together to battle this horrible disease.  These celebrities have been the defining voices of generations representing many different genres and franchises.  In addition to iconic voice and screen actors, there will also be numerous costumed performers for photo opportunities, original artwork from amazingly talented artists, one-of-a kind silent auction items, and vendors selling items for you to get signed.  The local Sioux Empire St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving Event (17th Annual) will be going on at the same time as another show of support for children battling cancer.  We would be honored for you to join us!